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Plate / bar properties
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China Beryllium Copper Alloy Co., Ltd. supplies beryllium copper plate/bar specifications:
Thickness:3.00mm-25mm(Forgings max thickness75.00mm),
width:20mm-220mm Plate and bar are made with exacting
attention to detail. Plate is a straight length of flat.
One is abrasively cut or sawed from a standard 200-220mm
width rolled plate.Another is made by forgings.
It is depend on the application and the method of component
• Heat tolerant molds for plastic injection systems.
• Structural components in electrical resistance welding
• Galling resistant wear plates and rub strips.
• Metal die casting,plastic blow molding,and injection molding inserts.
• Water cooled chill plates for computer memory devics.
• Damage resistance,no sparking tools.
• Gears and power transmission couplings.

• If the temper A or H is selected,parts are usually machined
oversize to accommodate the slight dimensional change that
occurs during hardening.The parts are then finish machined.
Gears and power transmission couplings
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