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Age Hardening Beryllium Copper Alloys

  Beryllium Copper Alloy achieves its maximum levels of strength, hardness, and conductivity must be through age hardening. During the age hardening process, microscopic, beryllium-rich particles are formed in the metal matrix. This is a diffusion controlled reaction, and the strength will vary with aging time and temperature.

  China Beryllium Copper Alloy recommended the age hardening time and temperature combinations as the figure showing. The standard times and temperatures allow parts to reach peak strength in two to three hours, without the risk of strength decrease due to extended temperature exposure.

  It is differ for the strips and rod or big shapes the age time and temperature reached peak tensile. China Beryllium Copper

Alloy’s stirps at the low temperature of 280℃, The strength of C17200 increases slowly, and peak strength is not reached until approximately 30hours. The standard temperature is 315℃, time 2 to 3 hours. But the China Beryllium Copper Alloy’s rod (diameter less than 10mm) recommended  temperature is 300℃, time 1.5 to 2 hours.
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